Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)


Injured in a car accident?

Rehab Program

At TMC we provide treatment and rehabilitation services to people who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Our skilled health professionals have in-depth training in treating injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents. We feel that it is of the utmost importance that an early return to usual activities takes place after a car accident and that prescribed rest should always be limited to a short duration. Most importantly, we tell our patienst with whiplash injury that usual activities may be temporarily painful but are not harmful.

Although whiplash is the most common injury seen after a motor vehicle accident, we also treat a variety of other injuries resulting from an accident, including fractures, sprains and strains of other body parts, and chest or knee contusions which result from impact with the steering wheel, dashboard or airbag.

TMC Rehabilitation Program - The initial program is usually twelve weeks in length and includes the following: A detailed initial assessment addressing the history of the accident, reported symptoms and complaints, observation by therapist of injured areas of client, palpation, tests of range of motion, muscle strength and ligament stability, completion of outcome measure tests, sensation testing and any other test required for each individual case.

Completion of a treatment plan (for your insurance company)

A combination of the following treatments:

Progressive Exercises (including stretches, strengthening and conditioning)
Postural Alignment Training
Lumbar Support (low back support for sitting)
Massage Therapy
Joint Mobilization (hands-on treatment)
Manual & Mechanical Traction
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Interferential Current
Supportive Pillow
Home-Based Exercise Program
and much more!

Progress report(s)

Discharge Report

Being in a car accident is stressful enough without having to worry about submitting the proper documentations to your insurer. At TMC our administration department is here to guide you through all of the necessary paperwork.

MVA Facts

The amount of physical damage to your vehicle doesn't always reflect the stress and injury to your body. (Soft-tissue injuries have occurred in car accidents at speeds less than 12MPH.)
The majority of auto accident injuries affect soft tissues-muscles, tendons and ligaments, which don't show up on x-rays. Soreness and muscle pain from whiplash can signal a soft-tissue injury that may not be able to heal on its own, and neck and back pain commonly doesn't surface until hours or days after the car accident.
A traditional approach isn't always the best. Painkillers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and other prescription drugs often only mask the condition and make daily functioning difficult.
Your auto insurance's personal injury protection can pay 100 percent for medical massage, therapy and other treatments-with no deductible.
You can choose where you go for therapy without a referral from your insurance company-and Toronto Medical Centre will help you file the paperwork.
Upon assessment of your condition, a specialist will complete an initial report outlining his/her clinical findings, along with a treatment plan indicating types and length of treatment recommended.
The aim of the treatments are to return you to your previous level of function. Treatments focus on active strengthening, stretching, conditioning, and pain-relieving modalities as needed.